Formerly of Naples, FL.

Now exclusively in Boca Raton, FL

Esthetics & Wellness Centre


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​​​​​A tranquil, Zen-Inspired  retreat for the senses; 

A haven away from the everyday world . . .

Established in 2006, 

originally located on fabulous Fifth Avenue South in Naples, Florida . . . 

Amidst 10 prosperous years of business, we yearned for a change of environment,

hence have successfully relocated our entire operation from Naples to downtown Boca Raton, Florida,

where we enjoy a more diverse, vibrant and dynamic paradise in which to live, work, and play!

Unlike a large, impersonal commercial "spa" environment,

we are an intimate, boutique facility,

offering non-invasive, clinical skin care treatments and holistic modalities,

just blocks away from the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

We present a welcoming, unpretentious environment,

and you will never be treated as if you are in a factory production line. 

Each client is given our personalized and undivided attention;

Every treatment is caringly administered in a leisurely time frame, 

offering an opportunity to deeply exhale, let go, and decompress . . .

Relax and savor a cup of organic herbal tea or gourmet coffee in our peaceful reception lounge 

before indulging in the harmonious array of services we provide . . .

Our calming Zen decor and candle-lit aromatherapy

will delight the senses!

Skilled in the lost art of exceeding expectations, it is our mission to bring together the inner/outer beauty and sense of well being that emerges when body, mind and spirit are in harmony.


Come Indulge your Mind, Body and Spirit!